Let’s go into introspection mode for a second here:

Have you ever felt like you’re all alone?

Insecurities gushing through your veins overpowered your capacity to concentrate and live life with optimism?

Looking at the glass half empty and feeling emotionally lost in the wilderness?

Even though you may have attained so much that an outsider or a fly on the wall may simply dream of achieving (that realization is a must), yet your alter-ego encapsulates that feeling of temporal contentment, optimism or gratitude underneath your stressful act of capturing your self worth?

If such a feeling rushes in at…

New to Inventing! — Part II

AI is a machine that has the ability to understand the human brain. Imagine a machine that can understand human actions such as interpreting human emotions, language, daily routine, etc. When incorporated with IoT (Internet of Things), it can provide a means for the machines to communicate with each other (with user-defined protocols) to automate or assist people with their day to day activities.

When we are thinking of new inventions, the end goal is to develop a proof of concept or build tools that aid to help people in the long run. An…

I get up, ready for a new day! “Dusk”, yes dusk, dawns upon me flashing rays of inferiority and insecurity rising from previous life indicating that regardless of where I am, I will always feel far lesser than others and would feel this constant need to prove myself, not to anyone else but me.

Then comes my life of being around phenomenal folks across the globe in a conducive environment that helps reveal a side of yourself, quite unknown, yet exciting. That definitely overdoses the shred of doubt in my abilities but at the same time, pushes me forward to…

Let’s get you started!

Think about it for a second — why did Thomas Edison have a thousand patents in his lifetime? How was he so obsessed with technology? What drove him into the world of science?

How can one man have so many inventions in a lifetime? If it is that hard to have a patent of your own, how did he do it?

Well, the answer to such questions is not very complex, when you take a splash into the details.

Among peers, we like to say — Everyone can become an inventor! …

Disclaimer - Please don’t read these thoughts with the intention to swallow a concrete and smooth flow, but let your mind wander and context switch with every statement, to let some thoughts relate or sink in at sporadic times!

Mind wanders, imagination flies!

— just like the arbitrary dance of wavelets in space

— just like the spread of darkness beyond ionosphere

— just like tunneling effect across the gate, akin to a propagation in a black hole

— just like the sound of water flowing from tap, rippling around carving mystic mosaic at sporadic intervals

— just like the…

Shikhar Kwatra

Data&AI Architect | Technology Enthusiast | Master Inventor | 250+ Patents

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